Friday, 22 August 2008

The Sitting Ducks

The Sitting Ducks have joined the league.

They consist of

Wee Scott
Bingalo Buff
Lil Jon

Thursday, 21 August 2008

The De Beauvoir Townies

The De Beauvoir Townies has


Malletov Cocktail

Another team have registered for the league. The team consists of

Andy (Lebowski)
Tom (Tomasito)
Mark (Horatio)

still waiting for their team name tho.

Zombie RMY

Zombie RMY have joined the league, they won last year's BFF Polo Tournament and came 4th in the Shoreditch Polo Invitational.

The team consists of

Yorgo Tloupas

They will be a team to look out for!

From left to right: Yorgo, Rob and Mike.

Picture coutesey of Kev Walsh

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Players in need of a loving team.

OK, this is a chance for incomplete teams to search for player, and for players to look for a team.

If you want to be a part of the league, and why wouldn't you, leave a comment saying what you are looking for (eg. 2 girls in hackney to complete an all girls team or player based in south east looking for a team).

We hope that this section will be useful for everyone.

You can email your details to as well then we can sort out mailing lists of "Players & Team Classifieds".



The Sick Buckets

The second team to join the league

Max Knight
James Brown

Here is a pic of the team in action form the Shoreditch Polo Tournament

Picture courtesy of kev walsh

No Sympathy

The first team to register

Emilié (Object)
Ray (Shinscar)

It has begun

So this is the first post and I'm sure it will not be the the last.

It's quite simple we are starting the London Bike Polo League. This will be the place to check for team information and bios, the latest results and general news. If you want to join get in contact with us.