Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Season 2 is underway!

Follow it at the new website, www.londonbikepololeague.com (*pretty flash, eh?). Courtesy of Gabes at Pixelbreaker, you've seen his handiwork over at the EHBPC site as well.

You can also follow the banter over at london fgss if you're bored...

The league is getting all sorts of hi-tech this season*, there are twits, there is also the league photo pool on flickr - which judging by most of those pics this season should be renamed the Newington Gardens Bike Polo League. Nice courts those... There's also a London Hardcourt Bike Polo Association somewhere out there - not league related though.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Come out and have your say about London bike polo.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Inaugural London Bike Polo League Finals

Voted by the players for the players:
Player of the Season -
1. dt Dave - BAD Polo
2. Mike - Zombie
3. Brendan - BAD Polo
Most Improved Player -
1. Todd - Malice International
2. Tomasito - Malletov Cocktail
3. Hassan - JiHaD
Most Valuable Substitute Player -
1. Todd - Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club/Malice International
2. Tomasito - Various Teams
3. alockett - Various Teams
Best Game -
1. BAD v Malice International
2. NS v Zombie
Best Ref -
1. alockett
2. Gabes
3. Hassan/Bill
Fair Play Award -
1. dt Dave - BAD Polo
2. Hops/Ali - both of Los Coños
Notable mentions go to the following -
Best Supporters -
Hops for sheer enthusiasm and dedication, Gabes for attendance.
Dirtest Players -
The Sick Buckets, all off them !

Final standings:
  • 31 - BAD Polo
  • 26 - Malice International
  • 22 - Zombie RMY

Friday, 20 March 2009

Los Coños v Black Rebel Bicycle Polo club - 3-5, 3-5, 3-5

From Roxy (BRBPC):

That Allie has military trained aim and precision on shots.
Jo and Allie work super together, they always know where the other is and have a rhythm to when they pass and shoot.
Sarah is a wall of a goal keeper.

BRBPC, um, we had a lot of fun. Pretty crap at staying in the goal but all got some great shots off. Fun games.
BRBPC are finished with the league (well pending eventual sick bucket's fail) and I for one think it was a huge success!!!
The main goals of the league as I understand it were to keep polo going over the colder months, keep regular players/teams with others to play against, and to get new people interested in/playing polo. Success on all fronts.
There's been whinging about people taking too long to play and the wrong people playing, but I think that's all a bit too much and too high of expectations for the first time (in the world) that a group of polo players formed a league. Those complaints drown out the fact that we got to play killer games all winter, always knew we would get killer games (even if it took longer than expected), got lots of new folks interested, and the level of London play has dramatically improved!!
Long Live the London League! Party?!

Friday, 13 March 2009

More Catch-up Matches...

Los Coños v. JiHaD - 1-5, 4-5 3-5

Hassan says, "They woke up after the first game, with Ali and Jo passing and shooting very well, lots of great long shots perfectly on target, and as Jol said, Sarah was a wall in goal. Very well played Conos!

Thanks to Ray for stepping in.

So apparently in the second game when someone asked the score, Yorgo shouts "4-2" which Ali replied "Not anymore!" and promptly hits a perfect long-shot through the shambolic JiHaR defense! Making it 4-3, brilliant!

Sarah Hops:
The other fixtures where we came close to getting a point (v DBTownies and v No Sympathy), its fair to say there were lots of occasions that we could have scored but didn't, making losing a close game really frustrating. The difference with this game is I think we managed to score on almost all our attempts at goal.

Malletov V DeBeauviour Townies - 5-4, 3-5, 5-3.
At Mitchinson Road. Harry, Rik and Gabes played very well and definitely deserved the middle game.

JiHaD V. Moving Targets: 5-0 5-0 5-4

Hassan: Good games, Joel and Ray were a great combo in the first game, passing very well and easily taking the 5 goals. The middle game was more of the same, but I managed to wake up for this one. The last one was alot of fun, MT started passing and taking more shots, and both teams had lots of break away opportunities that needed (and often were) to be reeled in. Both Daves had some speed and bit of the old MT's bike handling techniques; there were a fair few tap outs. JiHaD went up 3-1 then 4-2, but the Targets pulled out a couple of good goals to draw even before we were able to finish it off.
Thanks to Ray for subbing in again.

Ray: Yeah, to be fair MT missing Janky and Ryan quite a bit. As Hassan says JiHaR - wasn’t really tested in the first and second games. We played with a last man floating in the half for the first 2 games, Some great goals in the first one run involving Hassan to Joel then Joel to me for a nice little slotted finish. Hassan pretty much scored all the goals in the second game, with his speed alone MT struggled to keep up.
then let off the gas abit for the last game where MT came back with a few nice long shots... Mikey scoring a cracker from their half. Then we D’d up a bit to take the game.

Thanks JiHaD for the games.

BRBPC V. Moving Targets - 5-2, 5-2, 5-0

Matt (BRBPC): Yah, have to say a big thanks to MT and Hassan/Ray for the excellent goal reffing. Yeah right! hahaha! lame-o's. :D ha! MT were excellent fun, great shit talking, great interference, terrible passing, but good fun! Dan was on fire, as usual, with fast breaks and good shots. You knew where Roxy was all the time, excellent communications ("I'm here, Matt, behind you, Matt, here, behind you, on your right, one your right .... no! not that far!" etc). Dave (Harry Potter) was brutal one-on-one, doling out the tough love. Mikey, well, what can you say? Big love! :D

great games, long and tiring, but amazing. :D

BAD vs Los Coños - 5-0, 5-0, 5-0

Ali (Los Coños): I think the scores are right, Guys? Ha ha.

We managed to hold BAD off for longer than we thought we were going to, however, they ran rings round us and we didn't stand a chance. I was amazed that they barely even talk to each other but they know where each other are all the time.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

No Sympathy V. The Zombie

From Hassan (referee):
Zombie v NS - 5-0 5-3 3-4 (last game to be finished at a later date)

fucking hell, three (well 2 and a half) rediculously long, hard fought games. the score doesn't reflect the first game, NS held Zombie at nil nil for over 10 minutes before the goals started, but Zombie's determination gave them the shut-out. and the game still lasted around 30 minutes. and was the shortest. NS got the first goal of the second game, but it was quickly retaliated by Zombie. this one lasted closer to 45 minutes. the last game was the hardest fought of all, with NS goin up to 3-1 before Zombie started to make some goals back, by which time the lights went out.

good passing between Zombie, their best asset was their ability to always be in the right place at the right time. NS also passed very well, with their strongest point being that they just fought. constantly. most balls that got stuck on the wall or in the corner came out in their possesion. but with yorgo's (silly) speed combned with mike's break aways and mike's and brian's shots made zombie come out on top for the first two of the three. with the last game still to be decided.

very very good games.

continued last game of NS v Zombie: 4-5

They started playing, Yorgo pedaled in circles, Mike scored, NS took possession and had a decent attempt at goal, Yorgo pedaled in circles, Zombie took possession, Yorgo pedaled in circles and Mike passed to Yorgo, Yorgo scored.
Final game 5-4

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Last Fixtures!

Malice Nnternational vs Moving Targets
Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club vs Los Coños
BAD Polo vs JiHaD
The De Beauvior Townies vs The Sitting Ducks
Malletov Cocktail vs The Zombie
No Sympathy vs The Sick Buckets

Home vs. Away respectively, please announce 48hrs beforehand.
This fixture is due to be finished by March 21.

No Sympathy vs. DeBeauvior Townies (catchup match)

From Ray (NS):
Yeah fun league fixture for us... BDT a bit lost tactically, caught out at times by our attack and defence. Seemed to struggle slightly in goal.

TBF gabes was hitting some tight angled shots, and em was being pretty aggressive on and off the ball.
Rik was solid for DBT and GoHarry fast on the break as always.

Chase the ball,Chase the ball,Chase the ball,Chase the ball,Chase the ball!

my man of the match was gabes.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Malice Nnternational Vs JiHaD

Really good games tonight.
I knew it'd be a tough one and was surprised to see tomasito turn up.
(not been on forum all day!!!!!)
Games were tactical, fast, and occasionally annoying (broadway side and behind goal issues).

JiHaD passed beautifully and threw the Malice defense on a few occasions. Malice continued to push with mixed success but made the breakthroughs they needed in the end.
JiHaD defense was awesome too.
The game really deserved an audience and a ref!

Malice V JiHaT

5-3, 3-5, 5-2 (malice were 3-0 up in the 2nd game)

Friday, 27 February 2009

Black Rebel ... Vs Malice Nnternational

From Matt of BRBPC:
Wow. Malice were awesome. After some initial faffing about where we were playing, when we got started it was great polo. The first game went steadily to 2-2 with dan making some great goals but Todd and Matt dominating to to take the game 2-5. Malice have a great sense of where the team mates are but some un-lucky passes and my defence and set-up saw BRBPC get Malice 4-2 down in the second game. BRBPC couldn't seem to clinch the last goal with some great intercepts and defence by Iain, and Todd's great swerving passes (sorry about breaking your mallet Todd), Malice claimed the game to our dismay. A quick time out and we were back on the court but BRBPC weren't in the zone, perhaps rattled at not getting the last game in the bag. Some fast intercepts by Malice, Todd's excellent and accurate strikes and the game was wrapped up 0-5.
Thanks to Matt, Iain and Todd though and my teamies for a great game. To the ref guys who snubbed out my girl's ref volunteering, up yours ass hats.

brbpc vs mallice

2-5, 4-5, 0-5

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

New fixtures already!

The Zombie vs No Sympathy
The Sitting Ducks vs The Sick Buckets
The De Beauvior Townies vs Malletov Cocktail
BAD polo vs Los Coños
JiHaD v Malice Nnternational
Moving Targets vs Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club

Home vs. Away respectively, please announce 48hrs beforehand.
This fixture is due to be finished by March 7.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Sitting Ducks v. No Sympathy

Buffalo Bill:
Sitting Ducks vs No Sympathy 5-2 5-0 5-1
Ref says -

Sitting Ducks vs No Sympathy 5-2 5-0 5-2
Blimey, who was the third man?
Big Bad Brendan

Friday, 13 February 2009


I think they went 4-5, 3-5, 5-3. Correct me if I'm wrong.
The games were really, really fast! Dave has no fear! Hassan, technical with mad acceleration and a super reach as well! JOL is one of those guys who is always in the right place at the right time. An excellent keeper!

Roxy had some awesome saves and was denied her coup de grace by a dancing so and so... She played excellent defense, ran good interference and took some hard hits tonight.
Dan... mad fast as well. I'm going to start callin him 'The Lever' for those massive crank turning levers he calls legs! The combination of Dave, Hassan, Dan and myself was a recipe for disaster (not to mention JOL's long bars !) and I feel I came off the worst. Not really tho, really nice to have some intense games even though I feel battered.

There's one thing I can say though, it's a hard effort to make individual skill/speed make up for team work. JiHaD was passing the ball in circles around us, our (Dan's) goals came out of sheer force or (my) sheer luck! We had more shots on goal but they definitely played the better game.

All in all, I'm so glad I subbed in against you lot, our (zombie's) game was pants due to the weather, court, and the fact it was the 1st fixture.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

9th Fixtures (only a month late...)

Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club vs Malice Nnternational
Los Coños vs JiHaD
Moving Targets vs BAD Polo
Malletov Cocktail vs The Sitting Ducks
The Sick Buckets vs The Zombie
No Sympathy vs The De Beauvior Townies

Remember, this is home and away respectively.
Holiday fixtures still to be played:
JiHaD vs. Moving Targets
The Sitting Ducks Vs. No Sympathy
Moving Targets Vs. Los Conos
JiHaD Vs. Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club

Fixtures still to be completed:
No Sympathy vs. JiHaD - 2-5, 3-5, TBD
The Sick Buckets vs. Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club - 2-5, 4-5, TBD

Forfeited fixture to be played:
The Moving Targets vs. No Sympathy - Postponed points awarded to NS

Saturday, 31 January 2009

A few more stragglers finishing up the holidays.

NoSympathy v. Malletov Cocktail: 0-5, 3-5, 3-5.

It was a good game, but NS just wasn't having any luck with the shots or the finishes. Good to see Object back.

Good fun games, fast paced but still quite long, lots of good defence play by both teams especially Max and Horatio. NS didn't seem to get going in the first game, but turned it on in the second, coming from behind to level the scores twice before tomasito finished them off.

Malletov Cocktail V's Sick Buckets: 5-1, 5-3, 5-3

Swift play by Malletov. Solid keeping with Horatio. Picked up the pieces and finished the shots well.
Took a while for Sick to get into the game, but once they warmed up they played well and deserved a better result. Just couldn't finish their good play with a goal on many occasions. Malletov did.
Again, Mark was a brick. Mr alockett is making a quality impression too. Good game.

JiHaD v Sick Buckets - 5-3,5-1,5-1
I think, in a fucking blizzard. I subbed in for JOL, PiQue for James Brown. The court was frozen and icy, one or two snowballs may have been throw. Games were sedate but quick, all of us thinking about staying up, plus the prospect of a pint in a warm pub, meant nobody rode too aggresively. WiganWill even appeared for a minute or two. Emma, Gabes and Bianca were excellents refs and support. Beautiful to be out in the snow, but very very cold. Nice one folks!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Match of the League!

Saturday, 24 Jan. at the Newington courts in Southwark saw BAD vs. Malice Nnternational battle it out. Bad defending their no loss sweep of the league and Malice having to step up to their trash-talking was the making of 3 intense games. Probably the most intense games any of us have witnessed in this league! There were loads of falls and crashes mostly due to the court being a bit slippy. I would love to have seen this on a dry court so it would be easier to distinguish maliciousness from accidents although it still appeared to be fairly clean action for bike polo.

Reports from Dr. Vidal of Malice Nnternational:
" Not sure about an MVP, because everyone played so well. I feel as if BAD played a much prettier game. They seemed to be getting more shots and better looking shots. But Malice just scrapped it out, barely.
Malice came out tough and won the first one pretty clean and clear. BAD then got their shit together and dominated the second game. Aiden had at least three beautiful goals in the second game, and they earned that shutout well and proper.
In the final game I was quite worried about getting shut out again, and Malice hunkered down the defense. I think BAD got up 3-0, but then we just toughed it out, got it up to 4-4, and then got the final goal. That was definitely anybody's game.
All of the falls notwithstanding, the game felt very clean to me. It was fast and hard, but mostly clean shoulder checks. It was serious fun. BAD is still rightfully the top team. But everyone is ratcheting it up, so next league is going to be tough."

And from photographer GrowUp:
"Before the game Brendan broke excalibur,devastated. And then a second mallet during the game.
A lot of pressure on BAD to maintain the unbeaten record.
Every ball was fought for.
The Malice defence and goal tending was there strength.
Matt always rocked up to protect the goal, in front of Todd. Thats clever. It worked.
Ian checked Brendan throughout, but not in a sexual way.
Matt smiled a lot.
Dave is a gentleman.
BAD I thought had more shots on goal. Aidan missed a couple of open goals.
Only a couple of close calls on goal for the refs to make a decision.
Second game 5-0 probably due to the shock of the first win over BAD. Very fast 5 goals. I think Malice were trying to catch there breath as all the players were prepared and did go down.
I think the last game BAD were up 3 - nil so Malice never gave up, and prevailed over the evil BAD.
Awesome game to watch, they were absolutely knackered and must have ached the next day, week.
Very physical game without being malicious. Thats the important bit.
The evidence is in the photos.
BAD can relax now and win the league."
GrowUp's photos here.

Gabes' photos here.

In the end it was BAD Polo Vs. Malice Nnternational - 3-5, 5-0, 4-5

Thursday, 22 January 2009


With only two teams having completed all fixtures, I'm going to allow most of the rest to catch up before releasing the next matches. This coming Saturday aims to be sunny and mild but slow on the league front...

Holiday fixtures results (so far...)

Dr Vidal:
Los Conos vs Malice International:
0-5, 0-5, 0-5
Played with Rob (Slamm) subbing for Jo.

Buffalo Bill:
BAD vs Sitting Ducks 5-2 5-4 5-1.
Ironically, that was probably the best that the Ducks have played in the season so far.
At 4-4 in the second game, two shots off the post.
Nice games!

Baddesigner Matt:

wow. so today was, like, totally rad. here are the results:

1-5, 0-5, 0-5

BRBPC v MY Zombie
0-5, 0-5, 0-5

or something like that. awesome! what a day! i love polo! hahahahaha!
i'll leave it to someone else to write the dramatic summary, including how we totally deserved more goals and that yorgo is the laziest goal keeper ever (haha!) :D

Buffalo Bill:

Zombie vs Sitting Ducks
5-4 5-0 4-5
Long, long games.

Muppets International v. Mulletov Cocktail
5-4, 2-5, 5-3
(Aiden subbing for Andy)

DBTownies vs DYM Zombie
5-4 2-5 2-5
Long, hard games! The League is getting so competitive!
3 league games in 1 day. I am shattered.

DBTownies vs Moving Target

5-3 5-4 5-0

DBTownies vs Sick Buckets
3-5 4-5 5-3

I think.

Bingalo Bob:
Oh, BTW, James Brown and Mike Tramps tied for Man of the Day that I played against.
James, you played awesome - shame about the rest of your team.
Mike, a player and a gentleman.
Ryan of MT 3rd place.

Rik 'The Matador':
the zombie game, was good, long and hard
first game we won, the other two were for them, Mike is vgood
a few falls, Mike, Yorgo and me, mine one a bit hard
we play in NE, so more tactic than fast

the MT, was good but they miss Yanke, I guess
we where strong but they always were behind us very close, except in the last one
in mitch, that court is very long

the Sick B one, they were stronger and more lucky towards the goal
in the three games were some disagreement with the score, was the only one with refeeree, Scott and Horatio

good and hard games, very tired now

Los Coños Vs. No Sympathy

3-5, 0-5, 0-5
first game was really close and looked like it could go either way. Sarah did great in goal, made a lot of saves that frustrated NS. Jo and Ali doing their usual great link-up play in midfield. Ali missed a sitter that would have made it 4-4 that could have led to their first win, ah well - i'm certain it's just around the corner.
After winning the first, NS stepped it up and took control cruising the last two games.