Friday, 20 March 2009

Los Coños v Black Rebel Bicycle Polo club - 3-5, 3-5, 3-5

From Roxy (BRBPC):

That Allie has military trained aim and precision on shots.
Jo and Allie work super together, they always know where the other is and have a rhythm to when they pass and shoot.
Sarah is a wall of a goal keeper.

BRBPC, um, we had a lot of fun. Pretty crap at staying in the goal but all got some great shots off. Fun games.
BRBPC are finished with the league (well pending eventual sick bucket's fail) and I for one think it was a huge success!!!
The main goals of the league as I understand it were to keep polo going over the colder months, keep regular players/teams with others to play against, and to get new people interested in/playing polo. Success on all fronts.
There's been whinging about people taking too long to play and the wrong people playing, but I think that's all a bit too much and too high of expectations for the first time (in the world) that a group of polo players formed a league. Those complaints drown out the fact that we got to play killer games all winter, always knew we would get killer games (even if it took longer than expected), got lots of new folks interested, and the level of London play has dramatically improved!!
Long Live the London League! Party?!

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