Wednesday, 11 March 2009

No Sympathy V. The Zombie

From Hassan (referee):
Zombie v NS - 5-0 5-3 3-4 (last game to be finished at a later date)

fucking hell, three (well 2 and a half) rediculously long, hard fought games. the score doesn't reflect the first game, NS held Zombie at nil nil for over 10 minutes before the goals started, but Zombie's determination gave them the shut-out. and the game still lasted around 30 minutes. and was the shortest. NS got the first goal of the second game, but it was quickly retaliated by Zombie. this one lasted closer to 45 minutes. the last game was the hardest fought of all, with NS goin up to 3-1 before Zombie started to make some goals back, by which time the lights went out.

good passing between Zombie, their best asset was their ability to always be in the right place at the right time. NS also passed very well, with their strongest point being that they just fought. constantly. most balls that got stuck on the wall or in the corner came out in their possesion. but with yorgo's (silly) speed combned with mike's break aways and mike's and brian's shots made zombie come out on top for the first two of the three. with the last game still to be decided.

very very good games.

continued last game of NS v Zombie: 4-5

They started playing, Yorgo pedaled in circles, Mike scored, NS took possession and had a decent attempt at goal, Yorgo pedaled in circles, Zombie took possession, Yorgo pedaled in circles and Mike passed to Yorgo, Yorgo scored.
Final game 5-4

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