Friday, 27 February 2009

Black Rebel ... Vs Malice Nnternational

From Matt of BRBPC:
Wow. Malice were awesome. After some initial faffing about where we were playing, when we got started it was great polo. The first game went steadily to 2-2 with dan making some great goals but Todd and Matt dominating to to take the game 2-5. Malice have a great sense of where the team mates are but some un-lucky passes and my defence and set-up saw BRBPC get Malice 4-2 down in the second game. BRBPC couldn't seem to clinch the last goal with some great intercepts and defence by Iain, and Todd's great swerving passes (sorry about breaking your mallet Todd), Malice claimed the game to our dismay. A quick time out and we were back on the court but BRBPC weren't in the zone, perhaps rattled at not getting the last game in the bag. Some fast intercepts by Malice, Todd's excellent and accurate strikes and the game was wrapped up 0-5.
Thanks to Matt, Iain and Todd though and my teamies for a great game. To the ref guys who snubbed out my girl's ref volunteering, up yours ass hats.

brbpc vs mallice

2-5, 4-5, 0-5

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

New fixtures already!

The Zombie vs No Sympathy
The Sitting Ducks vs The Sick Buckets
The De Beauvior Townies vs Malletov Cocktail
BAD polo vs Los Coños
JiHaD v Malice Nnternational
Moving Targets vs Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club

Home vs. Away respectively, please announce 48hrs beforehand.
This fixture is due to be finished by March 7.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Sitting Ducks v. No Sympathy

Buffalo Bill:
Sitting Ducks vs No Sympathy 5-2 5-0 5-1
Ref says -

Sitting Ducks vs No Sympathy 5-2 5-0 5-2
Blimey, who was the third man?
Big Bad Brendan

Friday, 13 February 2009


I think they went 4-5, 3-5, 5-3. Correct me if I'm wrong.
The games were really, really fast! Dave has no fear! Hassan, technical with mad acceleration and a super reach as well! JOL is one of those guys who is always in the right place at the right time. An excellent keeper!

Roxy had some awesome saves and was denied her coup de grace by a dancing so and so... She played excellent defense, ran good interference and took some hard hits tonight.
Dan... mad fast as well. I'm going to start callin him 'The Lever' for those massive crank turning levers he calls legs! The combination of Dave, Hassan, Dan and myself was a recipe for disaster (not to mention JOL's long bars !) and I feel I came off the worst. Not really tho, really nice to have some intense games even though I feel battered.

There's one thing I can say though, it's a hard effort to make individual skill/speed make up for team work. JiHaD was passing the ball in circles around us, our (Dan's) goals came out of sheer force or (my) sheer luck! We had more shots on goal but they definitely played the better game.

All in all, I'm so glad I subbed in against you lot, our (zombie's) game was pants due to the weather, court, and the fact it was the 1st fixture.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

9th Fixtures (only a month late...)

Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club vs Malice Nnternational
Los Coños vs JiHaD
Moving Targets vs BAD Polo
Malletov Cocktail vs The Sitting Ducks
The Sick Buckets vs The Zombie
No Sympathy vs The De Beauvior Townies

Remember, this is home and away respectively.
Holiday fixtures still to be played:
JiHaD vs. Moving Targets
The Sitting Ducks Vs. No Sympathy
Moving Targets Vs. Los Conos
JiHaD Vs. Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club

Fixtures still to be completed:
No Sympathy vs. JiHaD - 2-5, 3-5, TBD
The Sick Buckets vs. Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club - 2-5, 4-5, TBD

Forfeited fixture to be played:
The Moving Targets vs. No Sympathy - Postponed points awarded to NS