Friday, 27 February 2009

Black Rebel ... Vs Malice Nnternational

From Matt of BRBPC:
Wow. Malice were awesome. After some initial faffing about where we were playing, when we got started it was great polo. The first game went steadily to 2-2 with dan making some great goals but Todd and Matt dominating to to take the game 2-5. Malice have a great sense of where the team mates are but some un-lucky passes and my defence and set-up saw BRBPC get Malice 4-2 down in the second game. BRBPC couldn't seem to clinch the last goal with some great intercepts and defence by Iain, and Todd's great swerving passes (sorry about breaking your mallet Todd), Malice claimed the game to our dismay. A quick time out and we were back on the court but BRBPC weren't in the zone, perhaps rattled at not getting the last game in the bag. Some fast intercepts by Malice, Todd's excellent and accurate strikes and the game was wrapped up 0-5.
Thanks to Matt, Iain and Todd though and my teamies for a great game. To the ref guys who snubbed out my girl's ref volunteering, up yours ass hats.

brbpc vs mallice

2-5, 4-5, 0-5

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