Friday, 13 March 2009

More Catch-up Matches...

Los Coños v. JiHaD - 1-5, 4-5 3-5

Hassan says, "They woke up after the first game, with Ali and Jo passing and shooting very well, lots of great long shots perfectly on target, and as Jol said, Sarah was a wall in goal. Very well played Conos!

Thanks to Ray for stepping in.

So apparently in the second game when someone asked the score, Yorgo shouts "4-2" which Ali replied "Not anymore!" and promptly hits a perfect long-shot through the shambolic JiHaR defense! Making it 4-3, brilliant!

Sarah Hops:
The other fixtures where we came close to getting a point (v DBTownies and v No Sympathy), its fair to say there were lots of occasions that we could have scored but didn't, making losing a close game really frustrating. The difference with this game is I think we managed to score on almost all our attempts at goal.

Malletov V DeBeauviour Townies - 5-4, 3-5, 5-3.
At Mitchinson Road. Harry, Rik and Gabes played very well and definitely deserved the middle game.

JiHaD V. Moving Targets: 5-0 5-0 5-4

Hassan: Good games, Joel and Ray were a great combo in the first game, passing very well and easily taking the 5 goals. The middle game was more of the same, but I managed to wake up for this one. The last one was alot of fun, MT started passing and taking more shots, and both teams had lots of break away opportunities that needed (and often were) to be reeled in. Both Daves had some speed and bit of the old MT's bike handling techniques; there were a fair few tap outs. JiHaD went up 3-1 then 4-2, but the Targets pulled out a couple of good goals to draw even before we were able to finish it off.
Thanks to Ray for subbing in again.

Ray: Yeah, to be fair MT missing Janky and Ryan quite a bit. As Hassan says JiHaR - wasn’t really tested in the first and second games. We played with a last man floating in the half for the first 2 games, Some great goals in the first one run involving Hassan to Joel then Joel to me for a nice little slotted finish. Hassan pretty much scored all the goals in the second game, with his speed alone MT struggled to keep up.
then let off the gas abit for the last game where MT came back with a few nice long shots... Mikey scoring a cracker from their half. Then we D’d up a bit to take the game.

Thanks JiHaD for the games.

BRBPC V. Moving Targets - 5-2, 5-2, 5-0

Matt (BRBPC): Yah, have to say a big thanks to MT and Hassan/Ray for the excellent goal reffing. Yeah right! hahaha! lame-o's. :D ha! MT were excellent fun, great shit talking, great interference, terrible passing, but good fun! Dan was on fire, as usual, with fast breaks and good shots. You knew where Roxy was all the time, excellent communications ("I'm here, Matt, behind you, Matt, here, behind you, on your right, one your right .... no! not that far!" etc). Dave (Harry Potter) was brutal one-on-one, doling out the tough love. Mikey, well, what can you say? Big love! :D

great games, long and tiring, but amazing. :D

BAD vs Los Coños - 5-0, 5-0, 5-0

Ali (Los Coños): I think the scores are right, Guys? Ha ha.

We managed to hold BAD off for longer than we thought we were going to, however, they ran rings round us and we didn't stand a chance. I was amazed that they barely even talk to each other but they know where each other are all the time.

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