Monday, 26 January 2009

Match of the League!

Saturday, 24 Jan. at the Newington courts in Southwark saw BAD vs. Malice Nnternational battle it out. Bad defending their no loss sweep of the league and Malice having to step up to their trash-talking was the making of 3 intense games. Probably the most intense games any of us have witnessed in this league! There were loads of falls and crashes mostly due to the court being a bit slippy. I would love to have seen this on a dry court so it would be easier to distinguish maliciousness from accidents although it still appeared to be fairly clean action for bike polo.

Reports from Dr. Vidal of Malice Nnternational:
" Not sure about an MVP, because everyone played so well. I feel as if BAD played a much prettier game. They seemed to be getting more shots and better looking shots. But Malice just scrapped it out, barely.
Malice came out tough and won the first one pretty clean and clear. BAD then got their shit together and dominated the second game. Aiden had at least three beautiful goals in the second game, and they earned that shutout well and proper.
In the final game I was quite worried about getting shut out again, and Malice hunkered down the defense. I think BAD got up 3-0, but then we just toughed it out, got it up to 4-4, and then got the final goal. That was definitely anybody's game.
All of the falls notwithstanding, the game felt very clean to me. It was fast and hard, but mostly clean shoulder checks. It was serious fun. BAD is still rightfully the top team. But everyone is ratcheting it up, so next league is going to be tough."

And from photographer GrowUp:
"Before the game Brendan broke excalibur,devastated. And then a second mallet during the game.
A lot of pressure on BAD to maintain the unbeaten record.
Every ball was fought for.
The Malice defence and goal tending was there strength.
Matt always rocked up to protect the goal, in front of Todd. Thats clever. It worked.
Ian checked Brendan throughout, but not in a sexual way.
Matt smiled a lot.
Dave is a gentleman.
BAD I thought had more shots on goal. Aidan missed a couple of open goals.
Only a couple of close calls on goal for the refs to make a decision.
Second game 5-0 probably due to the shock of the first win over BAD. Very fast 5 goals. I think Malice were trying to catch there breath as all the players were prepared and did go down.
I think the last game BAD were up 3 - nil so Malice never gave up, and prevailed over the evil BAD.
Awesome game to watch, they were absolutely knackered and must have ached the next day, week.
Very physical game without being malicious. Thats the important bit.
The evidence is in the photos.
BAD can relax now and win the league."
GrowUp's photos here.

Gabes' photos here.

In the end it was BAD Polo Vs. Malice Nnternational - 3-5, 5-0, 4-5

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