Sunday, 26 October 2008

2nd Fortnight

The second fortnight of fixtures has drawn to a close.

The Moving Targets vs. No Sympathy - Moving Target forfeit* - 0-5, 0-5, 0-5

Bad Polo vs. The Sick Buckets - 5-4, 5-0, 5-3

First off there was JiHaD vs. Malletov Cocktail - 1-5, 3-5, 4-5
The dialogue amongst the players and ref (loosely) as follows:

gabes: Bath St was too small and had holes in the wall, so we went to Broadway Mrkt.
Where Malletov Cocktail beat JiHaD
The games were great to watch/ref, esp the last two were very close indeed!

tomasito: it was 5-1, 5-3, 5-4.
great games, and thanks for reffing gabes - but get the score right!

gabes: oops.
it was a game of polo, the ball got hit with sticks and occasionally went into a bit at either end of the court.

hassanr: frustrating as hell, but some good close games. well played malletov.

JOL: Yeah it was a good close game with Malletov. Unfortunately we made a few errors at crucial points in the game. Well played by all.

Or summed up nicely by Hassan:
First match was pretty one sided, malletov took the game easily at 1-5. JiHaD picked up the pace for the second match, came back from 0-3 to draw even, but Tom and Andy's teamwork got them the last two they needed to win, 3-5. the last game was very closely played, JiHaD went up 2-0, Hassan scored almost right out of the charge, then Dave followed with some good back and forth with Joel. Malletov drew even thanks first to Mark, then both teams managed to keep tying up the match, again with Tom and Andy's teamwork being fantastic. however, Malletov proved to be the more consistant team that day, which won the game for them 4-5.

Next up, Los Coños vs. Zombie RMY (Wed 22 Oct, Peckham):

We were winning at one point in the second game :D
Mike did a sterling job in goal though, and we were unable to get any more despite cracking shots on target by Jo and Ali! In fact, Mike spent about 95% of the time in the goal - it was just that momentary lapse in concentration...
-Sarah (Hops)

Malice International vs Sitting Ducks 5-2 5-3 5-2.

Bill, the Buffalo:
Best/worst moment: Jon and Scott tackling each other, which led directly to MI's last goal.

The shame of it! Well played MI, you gave us a polo lesson. MVP: Nick. Before the match, we thought that you would be spending most of the match on the ground. In fact, you spent most of the match in our goalmouth. And you got a great hit in on Matt's head!

Iain who playswellwithotters said, "Things looked rosy when we arrived; you and Scott had shades on and beers in hand. There's no disguising hair of the dog."

To which Bill Buffalo retorted: "As Scott texted me at 9am: I am still drink..."

Apparently Scott was so upset at losing he dressed as a cow and beat his bike, breaking his mallet in the process! Any truth to this? More importantly, any pics?!

And finally we have Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club vs. The DeBeauvior Townies
2-1 (5-4, 4-5, 5-3)

As reported by Matt, the bad designer:
Was an awesome set of matches, despite the adverse conditions. The rain, Tom on a new bike and Harry's duff chain probably helped us out a bit.
Dan was on fire with some great chasing and intercepts. Harry was the biggest threat playing the left side fast and with a good strike at the end. The first match saw the BRBPC keep an even field at 3-3, until a few unfortunate near misses from the townies allowed us to seize our first league point. The second game saw the BRBPC down 4-1, with Harry grabbing some excellent goals at all angles. BRBPC clawed 3 goals back in succession, but Harry had us pegged and charged a final goal.
The last game was close, with BRBPC having to pull another come-back. of course, with some style and the usual flair we rubbed our cocks in the townies faces with a 5-4 win.

Good times.

A big thanks to Hassan for helping sub for Roxy, thanks to Bill, Horatio and Gabes for the side-line duty. Get better soon Miss Roxy.

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