Monday, 13 October 2008

More Results

This weekend was a busy time for the league. Games between Sitting Ducks and Moving Targets, No Sympathy and BAD Polo, Malletov Cocktails and Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club.
The Sitting Ducks, BAD Polo and Malletov Cocktails came out victorious! Still awaiting full details on the games...

BAD Polo vs. No Sympathy
Played Saturday afternoon at Mint Street Park in Southwark on one of the original Hardcourt Bike Polo courts in London. BAD Polo fairly dominated the games, scoring 3 points 1-5, 2-5, 0-5 (No Sympathy/BAD Polo respectively) in what started as nice, cool and collective (well, as much as they can be!) games until the peanut gallery showed up in all their flamboyantly abusive heckling. To quote Brendan of BAD Polo, "in case you didnt remember it was
my mum taking it in the ass x 48 vs Your dad being ridden bare back x 44
which i think was a little unfair. :)"
Aidan gets the mention of MVP for scoring 11 of 15 goals for BAD.

The Sitting Ducks vs. Moving Targets
A tactical decision by the Sitting Ducks led to this fixture being played at 11am on a Saturday. Not least of the SD skipper's intentions was to catch MT half-asleep, and so it proved in the first game, SD easing to 5-2 win.

Despite Vojtech's lack of experience, and Kwackenbosh's lack of consciousness, MT won the next game 5-3, levelling the tie. A see-saw final match saw SD just about squeak it 5-4. MVP was Moving Target's Ryan by miles, scoring at least 10 of their goals, and a constant threat whether in defence or in attack.

The Boleyn Road court proved to be fast, and high walls all round made for intense game-play. Whilst not as spectator friendly as the De Beauvoir court, all felt that the court was one of the best they had played on, with the only flaw a small patch of degraded surface.

Malletov Cocktail vs. The Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club
(Sunday at Broadway Market)

5-2 , 5-3, 5-2 - respectively

The Sick Buckets vs Los Coños (played Monday at Boleyn Rd.)
5-1, 5-1, 5-1. Assuming to The Sick Buckets, though not sure. Apparently a goal was handed to Sarah by leaving the ball just in the goal for her. Max seems to have a caning nose?!

I would love to hear more about these games!

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