Sunday, 16 November 2008

A couple of rules to ponder...

After talking to some folks on saturday, timeouts should be allowed only when a goal is scored. 1 per team per game and keep it quick. Like 5 minutes or so. And judging by some interweb chat, after a goal has been scored, the scored upon team cannot take the ball past half court until 2/3 of the scoring team has returned to their goal. We already generally abide by this rule anyways but it's something worth writing down.

Certain courts, such as Downham Rd, could cause the ball to bounce off the back of the goal and pass half court. It's my opinion that it's then game on, either team can gain control of the ball. BUT it is up to the home team of any game to announce if that is or is not the case.

So that second bit wasn't received so well...

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