Sunday, 16 November 2008

This Weekend's Results:

Black Rebel Bicycle Polo Club vs. No Sympathy
2-5, 4-5, 3-5

Ref'd by Andy (alockett) and was Todd's first league game as a long-term sub for Roxy of the BRBPC. Played at the newly found Mitchison Rd. court which is a fantastic court! Well done Gabes!
The games were long and a bit like tabletennis with all the back and forth, back and forth. I recall one awesome shot from Emilié cross handed and from across the goal.

BAD Polo vs. Malletov Cocktail:
5-0, 5-1, 5-1

Ref'd by Gabes, they were good games on a court no-one had played before (Newington Green - Harper Road SE1) Nice courts, if a little slippy according to horatio! The games were fast, some very astute passing from BAD, and some brilliant blocks by Horatio and Lebowski. But in the end the scores say it all. Enjoyed reffing anyhow.

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